Get married in Rock Hill South Carolina

Just after New Year’s Day 2015, we decided it was time. We applied for our marriage license, called Rev. Angela Agresta and on January 10th, 2015 we got married in our home with our loved ones witnessing. Thank you Angela, thank you so very much for a wonderful ceremony, on such short notice.

Nick and Jennifer of South Carolina. 1/10/2015

Rev. Angela Agresta made us feel very comfortable right from the start. One month later we were married by her. It was just the ceremony every couple our age wishes for. Non-Denominational, simple and sweet.   

Donna and Brendon of Lancaster, SC 2/21/2015

After holding onto our marriage license for a few weeks, we decided to go by Touch By Spirit location in Rock Hill, and Elope. Rev. Angela Agresta made us feel welcome even if we were running late from work she understood. She put a special touch on our ceremony and made it memorable.

Shonda and Luke of Chester, SC 3/7/2015

Our ceremony was absolutely beautifully. It was just family and friends
since it was our second time around, yet Angela made it very personal, she helped us write our own vows.

Mr. & Mrs. Ellis York, SC 4/11/2015

Lovely service, blended family ceremony, we chose to do the Unity Sand at a popular venue in Charlotte, NC with Rev. Angela Agresta officiating. She gave us a beautiful ceremony. Thank you.

Angela & Duke Clover, SC 5/9/2015

We were given a second chance, and we appreciated the blessing of getting married, so we chose a Minister this time. Rev. Angela Agresta.

Dawn & Reginald of Charlotte, NC 6/28/2015

Best day of our lives. Rev. Angela made it even more special, with a beautiful ceremony in the presence of all our family and friends, right here in Charlotte, NC at our favorite hotel.

Vickie & Richard Lake Wylie, York SC 7/18/2015

At first we were nervous, we hadn’t met the Reverend, we had spoken twice, given it was on short notice we didn’t know what to expect. It was exactly what we had asked for, religious and sacred, with the Unity Candles. God bless.

Ronald & Jennifer  Clover, SC 8/16/2015

The venue was a popular little chapel in Charlotte, NC, so we wanted an ordained Minister. Rev. Angela came through for us, she did everything right, and wonderful.

Sherrice & Sheldon from Atlanta in Concord, NC 9/12/2015

Eloping was the best thing for us, so we chose Rev. Angela to officiate to make it more of a wedding celebration.

Courtney & Charles Charleston, SC 10/17/2015

Thanksgiving was/is always big in our house, so we wanted to use that day for celebration, Rev. Angela was kind enough to come out for us. She was so gracious, the ceremony was short, simple, and sentimental. My parents were there to witness from New York, NY.

Forever grateful.  Bob & Stephanie Rock Hill, SC 11/26/2015

 Last month of the year, and we going to get married. Rev. Angela was right there in Rock Hill, SC so after work we both went to her location and had a beautiful ceremony.

Tabitha & Justin Lancaster, SC 12/4/2015

Many thanks to Rev. Angela for having this beautiful location for us in Rock Hill, SC. We just got up and went and got married after one day of making the appointment with her.

Jennifer & Freddie 12/19/2015

It was the most memorable and beautiful ceremony. Rev. Angela came out to where Joe had proposed to me and married us on the same spot. My father flew in all the way from New York, so she included him in the ceremony, and paid a beautiful tribute to my mom who has passed away. Will forever be grateful for such kindness.


Tawanda & Partner

I really loved our wedding ceremony. It was short, sweet and of course memorable just like was promised by Rev. Angela.

Dakota & Brittany

It was a nice and well done ceremony. Pleasantly surprise the place was beautifully setup. Very thankful we found Rev. Angela.

Karenyah & Partner

We loved everything about our ceremony, it was beautiful and inspiring. Thank you, so much


Happily Married;

Thank you Rev. Angela, thank you for believing in us. Our ceremony was awesome and on budget with you.


Happily Married;

Just wonderful and uplifting. Beautifully done. Thanks Rev. Angela.

Happily Married;

We did it, we are so happy to be together, as husband and wife, we especially happy we chose Rev. Angela Agresta to officiate our ceremony, it was just so beautiful. Thanks

Happily Married;

Everything was done just the way we planned it. It was special and wonderful.

Happily Married;

When Rev. Angela said on short notice, she meant it, and kept her promise. She gave us a memorable ceremony. Thank you, so much.

Happily Married;  

Our wedding ceremony with Rev. Angela Agresta was just perfect and exactly what we thought it would be. Thank you sincerely.

Happily Married;

We had such a wonderful experience with Rev. Angela, she gave us  all her attention, and listened. It was a memorable ceremony.

Happily Married;

Our ceremony was short, and memorable. Rev. Angela made it special and wonderful and on our budget.